Rare metal Gallium bars .9999 pure




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Rare metal GALLIUM

Here is a selection of gallium pieces. They're weighed on digital scales and the metal is dispensed into silicon moulds with a syringe.

Each Gallium piece is in a ziplock bag but also placed inside another bag should it melt

Most people have never heard of this metal. Gallium is used in LED's, to 'wet' circuits, alloyed with other metals to make mercury free thermometers, and lasers.

Gallium is rarer than Gold, Silver and Palladium. Only 30-60tonnes per year are produced in the world usually as a by product of the aluminium industry.

China alone produces 300tonnes of gold, so that shows you how rare this metal is.

It's possible that all supply of this metal will have run out within the next decade which means this metal will be prone to price spikes, like Palladium in 2000 where the price went up ten fold!

Metals facing extinction

Wikipedia reference.

Safety advice

From what I've read Gallium may cause contact dermatitis. There are several videos on youtube melting this metal in your hand which I do not recommend. It's not supposed to be toxic if ingested but if you do, see a doctor. My advice is to keep out of the reach of children. I personally don't touch the metal because I'm selling it as pure as possible.

10 grammes Gallium 5 Grammes of Gallium


10 grammes Gallium 10 Grammes of Gallium


20grammes Gallium 20Grammes of Gallium


40grammes Gallium 40 Grammes of Gallium


60grammes Gallium 60 Grammes of Gallium


1kilo bottle Gallium

ONE KILO 9999 purity bottle of Gallium