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This site sells interesting metals you'll be familiar with but also ones you may never had heard about.
We see copper almost every day, it's in everything from water pipes to TV's and yet we overlook how beautiful it is. It can be polished to a mirror like shine and doesn't rust.
Silver. The metal is indispensable to modern life, because it is the best electrical conductor. It's used to coat connections in light switches to Iphones and yet it's been used as currency for thousands of years.
Have you heard of Gallium? The metal is rare but is used in LED's and other high tech applications that have come about over the last 30 years.
Tin is another metal we use but rarely see but can't do without. It's use has been increasing for lead free solders in electronics.




1 Oz Silver Philharmonic 1 kilo of 999 pure copper 1Kilo Gallium 1 Oz Peregrine Eagle silver coin 1 kilo TIN bullion 1/2 Oz silver Britannia coin 10 kilo polished copper bars 1 Oz American Silver Dollar Eagle 1 Oz Silver Kookaburra coin 10 Oz silver year of the Dragon coin One ounce silver Libertad coin